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"anything can happen in the next half hour...?"

mark reeder - five point one

british label chief, producer and musician mark reeder is a product of what many regard as the golden age of science fiction. he grew up in an england dominated by security forces of the future with outsize heads jiggling on strings to save the world from intergalactic menaces, in hit after hit from the gerry anderson stable. he saw doctor who take his first tentative steps into the past and the future on carboard sets populated by jumble sale aliens. in cinema there was the constant threat of communist stealth attacks always from mars or the psychadelic trip that was stanley kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey. he was fascinated by the synthetic electronic pulsations of the forbidden planet and clockwork orange soundtracks and devoured fan magazines like TV21. wobbly spaceships, cardboard robots, ray guns and bug-eyed monsters; as a child he was drawn to this sometimes quaint, sometimes ominously correct visions of the future. it should come as no surprise then that five point one, his debut compilation of remix work, should concern itself as much with modern technology as it does with music

five point one presents a hand-picked selection of some of reeder’s remixes remastered and re-mixed in crystal clear dolby digital 5.1 surround sound. present is his work for legendary heavyweights such as the pet shop boys and sam taylor-wood, john foxx, anne clark, die toten hosen or former new order as bad lieutenant, vanessa daou or blank&jones, plus an exclusive remix he made for depeche mode, while reeder also puts his particular retro synth-pop spin on tracks from up-and-coming artists such as echoes, electrobelle, fidelity kastrow, may68 or noblesse oblige.

five point one is a deluxe collection of some of the best of reeder’s recent work, a deluxe DVD and 2CD package, gloriously remastered in dolby 5.1 surround sound, creating a listening experience which enhances the depth and radiance of reeder's original stereo mixes, all of which are also included on two CDs for a traditional 2.0 stereo sound system too.

five point one is an album of many layers and facets, a rich listening experience which allows you to dive in and go on a multi-dimensional fantastic voyage back into the future. the DVD also contains the original 80s classic john foxx underpass video, recut to reeders remix, a rarely seen photo of depeche mode by anton corbijn and the artistically acclaimed videopicture by sam taylor-wood for german film and anne clarks video for full moon, as well as a couple of specially produced videos, such as the brilliant but scary sci-fi puppet video for twist of fate by steve voung, the innovative video for 21st century girl by tilman kunzel or the mystical and dreamy videos for black & white and ice cold by kristoffer lundberg.

and as doctor who himself might say, to understand the future, you have to look to the past. mark reeder was born in manchester in 1958. a fan of radical new music from an early age, he cut his teeth working in manchester’s flagship virgin records store while at the same time playing in the punk band frantic elevators with a pre-simply red mick hucknall. after re-locating to berlin – where he worked as factory records german rep – he formed the darkwave trio die unbekannten, co-managed dour all-girl line up malaria! and sound mixed for bands einstürzende neubauten and die toten hosen. as the 80s progressed, the dark, unbekannten were repackaged as the more accessible shark vegas and they toured europe with new order. in the dying days of eastern bloc communism, mark produced the first and last indie pop album in east berlin, torture by die vision, becoming the only westerner ever to produce a band in the german democratic republic. as the tide turned towards the radical and revolutionary sounds of techno, mark formed the first ever electronic dance label in east germany, MFS, discovering cosmic baby and paul van dyk along the way and was largely responsible for the development of the trance genre. in recent years, reeder has teamed up with co-producer and former house of usher frontman micha adam and established a reputation for himself as a much sought-after remixer for bands both established and new, looking for that particular retro-modern synth-pop sound which has become the hallmark of his work.

five point one is undoubtably a must-have album for anyone interested in synth-pop or a fan of any of the artists featured.

you will need it!

gavin blackburn

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what is 5.1 surround sound?

5.1 is the abbrieviated technical designation for a home-cinematic sound-system, comprising of five loudspeakers and one bass subwoofer for depth. a traditional stereo sound system, is comprised merely of two loudspeakers and is thus designated 2.0 (for stereo).

five point one contains both 5.1 and 2.0 stereo versions of reeders remixes.

to listen to the five point one DVD audio in 5.1 surround you will need a DVD player and an amplifier which is 5.1 surround compatible, with the five loudspeakers and one sub-woofer bass speaker attached. this set up provides the listener with an advanced audio experience known as surround sound - as the sound appears to come from everywhere and wrap all around you.
however, you don't need a home cinema set up simply to enjoy this album. a stereo will do and even some of the latest mobile smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy 2 have a built in DolbyMobile surround chip included, which enables the listener to hear in simulated 5.1 on conventional stereo headphones! but to achieve that, the music first has to be mixed in true dolby digital 5.1 surround, and if you don't own anything with a 5.1 sound capability, then the DVD also contains uncompressed pcm 2.0 stereo versions of all tracks, and of course the 2 CDs have a selection of remixes and versions not found on the DVD.

the five point one surround tracks on the DVD have all been produced and remixed in true 5.1 dolby digital surround sound. the limited and numbered special edition DVD/2CD comes in deluxe packaging with two black audio CDs.

we hope you will enjoy it.